We Understand Talent Acquisition

We Understand Talent Acquisition

You need to get ahead of volume fluctuations. Stop getting whipsawed by managers. Deliver quality and quantity, quickly. Get your processes and systems ready for fully integrated Talent Acquisition. Stop laboring under unusable systems, with bad processes enshrined in perfectly good software. Optimize or upgrade your technology. Get new tools, candidate data mining and social sourcing working for you. Elevate your employment brand. Manage compliance.

We know what you’re going through. Uniquely, everyone on Talent Function’s diverse bench of talent consulting experts comes from a recruiting discipline – even our office manager. Throughout the firm, our direct experience makes the difference.

Authoritative Insight

Founder and CEO of Talent Function, Elaine Orler, is Chairwoman of Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech 2019. Attracting the best and brightest employees to your company doesn’t come easy. At Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech, you’ll discover both the Art & Science of Talent Acquisition. Offering a fast-paced mix of engaging presentations, focused workshops, peer-to-peer discussions and great networking, this dynamic event gives you the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Along with valuable insights from the world’s most renowned Recruiting and Talent Acquisition experts, you’ll learn innovative recruiting strategies and how technology is being used to transform the way talent is sourced, hired and brought into your organization. You’ll walk away with ideas to develop strategies that will attract and engage the right candidates while continually and creatively identifying new talent pools to find your next great hires.

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