Why We’re Different

We know what you’re going through. Uniquely, everyone on Talent Function’s diverse bench of talent consulting experts comes from a recruiting discipline – even our office manager. Throughout the firm, our direct experience makes the difference.


We specialize in Talent Acquisition consulting. Talent Function offers a depth of Talent Acquisition strategy and implementation experience unmatched by any other boutique or large firm. We don’t spread ourselves too thin. We’re all in.


More than 80 percent of the clients we’ve served are in the Fortune 500. Talent Function understands the demands of complex global firms as no other firm in our category does, mapping systems and processes to clients’ local requirements, rather than applying a U.S. template to the world.


We offer unmatched Talent Acquisition process improvement and technology expertise. Talent Function is the only firm where everybody on the bench has years of experience in a recruiting discipline. We have lived Talent Acquisition for the majority of our professional lives, so we know what works (and what doesn’t).


We stand out for the same reason our clients do: we select and develop extraordinary people – hyper-conscientious overachievers with great maturity, experience and insight. Partnering with Talent Function is like adding outstanding colleagues to your team.


We know the questions to ask vendors that our clients often don’t know to ask. Talent Function identifies the technology and process gaps that most clients can’t see until a year into an implementation.


Our candor, independent perspective and reliability are known throughout the industry. Talent Function maintains unvarying and strict objectivity about our clients’ solution options, because we only succeed when our clients do.


We quickly come to fully understand our clients’ environment, gain buy-in for strategic and operational changes, and address issues and challenges that other firms can’t because we’ve managed through them all – ensuring that your projects meet your goals.

Authoritative Insight.

Our reputation, network and influence are unsurpassed. Talent Function has defined new practices, provided strategic and executional thought-leadership, and delivered better results for our clients.


For any project, we believe there is only one definition of quality: yours. We ensure that we fully understand your goals, expectations and definition of success and regularly review performance against expectations. And we financially guarantee the quality of our work.


We click with our clients, we laugh with them, and we develop real and lasting relationships with them. We find projects are much more effective, efficient, relaxing and successful that way.