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Delivery Options                    
Scheduled Video Event (Not Recorded)
Scheduled Video Event (Recorded)
Panel Event (Group - Not Recorded)
Panel Event (Group - Recorded)
General Video Event (Self-Registration, not proctored by company resources)
On Demand Event (Instant Parti)cipation
Phone Event (Landline)
Phone Event (VOIP)
In Person Event (Recorded)  
Digital Interview Configuration Features (General)                    
Library of Interview Questions (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Multiple Question Types (Video Response, Written Response, Multiple Choice)
Candidate Consent Forms (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Compliance & Data Management Tools (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Candidate Practice Questions (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Interview Evaluation response scoring per question (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Interview Evaluation response scoring per candidate (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Candidate Scoring & Comparison (scoring aggregation) (Templates) (Client Customizable)
Interview Workflow (automated notifications, reminders, due dates, questions)
Automated Setup for Candidates (simplified experience)
Ability to share (provide access/email) to candidate/interview evaluation/recording
Client Branded User Experience (for candidates)
Client Branded User Experience (for recruiters/managers)
Ability to set up multiple branded experiences (for candidates)
Response Comments
Speed Evaluation (evaluation both "by candidate" and/or "by question")
Real-time User (Evaluation Team) Feedback
Interview Folders (sort by rating, date, etc)
Mobile Enabled for Interview Evaluation (mobile optimized experience)
Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android (candidates complete on demand) Q4 2013
Digital Interview Configuration Features (Recorded)                    
Configurable Scoring & Evaluation Models
Pause & Play Controls
Forward & Rewind Control - each response
Next & Previous Question Control (directly access to any question)
Next & Previous Candidate Control (direct access to any candidate)
Implementation/Client Support                    
Digital Interview Guides & Instructions
508 Compliance & Accessibility Support
EEO, OFCCP, AA Support & Best Practices
Product Translation & Localization Q2'14
24X7 LIVE Interviewer & Candidate Support Q1'14
24x7 LIVE Multi-Lingual Interviewer & Candidate Support Q1'14
Interview Tips, Best Practices & Recommendations
Customer Support Services
Contractual Options                    
Unlimited Number Reviewers & Evaluators  
Cloud Based Delivery model
Global hosting locations
Security & Data Privacy certificates (e.g. SafeHarbor)
Configurable Storage, Reporting and Security
Multiple Workflows (per Region)
Vendor Viability                    
Vendor Reputation & Track Record
Proprietary or White-Labeled Technology
Monthly Product Releases
Financial Viability
Integration Capabilities                    
Technical Assessments (coding challenges, contests and validation) Q2'14
ATS Integration (e.g. Taleo, Kenexa, SuccessFactors)
CRM Integration (e.g. Avature, SmashFly, LinkedIn Recruiter)
Social Integration (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter)
Assessment & Interview Content Integration (e.g. SHL, LogiServe)


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