Touring Talent Acquisition – Two weeks of Travel

by Elaine Orler

Week before last I had the honor and pleasure of heading east to participate in the Workscape Analyst Summit. The day was filled with insight and knowledge sharing about the organizational and product direction. Workscape (www.workscape.com) has built a strong foundation and continue to carve out their business direction to enable their customers success. Devon Group (www.devonpr.com) did a great job of creating a networking event and providing multiple opportunities for the invited guests to mingle with Workscape leadership and each other. My overall impression is summarized in one comment: “Workscape continues to focus on innovation within their core strengths.”

That same week I quickly headed due west to San Francisco to attend a Think Tank session sponsored by Pinstripe (www.pinstripetalent.com) and hosted by Agilent. The meeting was focused on true global recruiting – the implications of the economy, the complex nature of global focus and localized presence, and the continued challenges of driving operational excellence and leading strategic talent thinking. With around 30 people in the room, most of which were strong leaders in global talent acquisition organizations from around the bay area, the conversations were powerful, relevant and energizing. I appreciate the invitation from Pinstripe to participate, and expect the collaborative summary that will be published will be something all talent acquisition leaders will want to read.

Last week I traveled again to the east coast for the SHRM – SMA (Staffing Management Association) (www.shrm.org) annual conference. Hosted at Disneyworld in Florida, I was delighted to be in a climate of similar weather to my home – San Diego. The conference was well attended this year – definitely a sign of positive economic changes. The venue provided multiple breakout sessions, and some entertaining key note sessions. I would be lying if I said that my favorite session was anything but the dynamic duo of Chris Hoyt (@therecruiterguy) and Michael Marlatt (@michaelmarlatt). They were positioned on the first day as one of the first breakout sessions, and they were true to their form – focusing on mobile recruiting and the power of extending your talent attraction reach directly to the most commonly used device around the world – your phone.

The conference continued with some of my favorite presenters including Gerry Crispin (@gerrycrispin), and Ed Newman – who both continue to present from a base of knowledge and understanding that inspire the audience.

The networking opportunities at the event afforded me the opportunity to join various dinner parties with dynamic recruiting leaders. The conversations moving from recruiting globally to recruiting standards, and back around to the positive signs in the economy and recruiting budgets for 2010 and 2011.

The impact of these last two weeks as a road warrior has me even more excited about the positive impact that the economy is having on the recruiting and talent attraction organizations today. I’m encouraged that vendors are continuing to find ways to be innovative in the solutions they offer – ways that are just scratching the surface on usability, access and predictive modeling. Corporations are operating smarter on how to staff and ramp up with business growth, and spring is in the air.

Three trends I plan to watch this year:
1. Scalability – How we build the recruiting teams, responsibilities, ownership, accountability – the model is truly shifting to strategic advisor and guide from transactional order fulfillment.

2. Accountability – Vendors and hr/recruiting departments are being held accountable for promises, contracts and outcomes. How we value our talent in the business has moved past time to fill formulas and into productivity and quality of talent models.

3. Social ability – Social ability has changed the foundation for how we do business. Recruiting while dabbling in social media and talent attraction – the movement of social platforms for collaboration will change the foundation for the technology we use in the short and long term. This one is the most exciting to me – I really enjoy seeing technology transform!