Recap of ERE SocialRecruiting Summit

Guest Blogger: RecruiterGuy

socialrecruitingIf the location wasn’t enough to get you interested in attending the Social Recruiting event in New York last week, then the familiar names within the recruiting/staffing industry should have been. With heavy hitters like Sumser, Crispin, and Burnett pitching the latest on stats and trends around Social Recruiting we could have walked away happy to have attended. What Manaster, his ERE crew and the attendees (because the attendees were VITAL to the success) put together pushed upwards that bar that we’ll likely measure events from going forward.

The ever gracious Laurie Reuttimann hosted the event and used that magical blend of rebel and HR professional to make everyone comfortable while simultaneously keeping them focused (yeah, crazy that recruiter types might have trouble focusing, eh?) What did we walk away with? Much more than I could list here – but I’ll take a stab at a few of the bigger takeaways for this RecruiterGuy. Want more? Hit the Social Recruiting Wave (while it’s still public) that we kicked off and put to the test while in New York.

  • Fred Wilson makes many of us wish we were venture capitalists… and that more companies understood the power of blogging in reference to jobs that need filling – he did this with some tremendous success stories on social engagement around employment.
  • Carmen Hudson is the poster child for “keeping it real” online. Making it sound as simple as “finding a posse” and “laugh[ing] at yourself” she reminded all of us that we’re people, not companies.
  • Kelly Dingee is terrific and can handle a panel of awesomeness with the likes of Gotkin, Noone and Tinguely when even tough questions are thrown from the crowd around social engagement online. MS and Sodexo continue to get it right not necessarily by the measured successes but by the level of commitment and engagement they’re embracing.
  • John Sumser gives props where they’re due and reported strong stats on building relationships as opposed to transactional hiring and addressed static HR/Recruiting mentalities and old metrics.
  • Master Burnett has a cool name – and pokes at us to realize that the pursuit of “control” over our ultimate recruiting message is futile while transparency is still king. And he has a cool name.
  • Susan Burns continues to spark thought around Talent Attraction through communities. (Truth be told, this large and abbreviated session did not due her talent justice. If you’ve a chance, attend one of her workshops – I love them!)
  • CareerXroads mega-man, Gerry Crispin is quite simply the most casual brilliance we may interact with today in our industry. Hitting data points gathered from a recent survey on Social Media policies and practices he continues to be a solid addition to any conversation let alone event.
  • Jessica Lee proved to be the most engaging and endearing speaker of the event. Her honest approach to dialogue with job seekers and peers combined with her humble presence in the recruitosphere establishes her as an authority on making tough decisions with your heart as well as good data.

In summary this new model of unconference – this new bold approach at getting people to stop reading power point decks to crowds – this open forum of dialogue and engagement DURING a session, won’t be stopped. Not only because, in my opinion, it ensures that it’s truly someone speaking with us (not at us) and that knows their stuff, but also because the crowds are tired of being talked at. While most of the people that attended were from companies realizing job seekers demand engagement, I think they’re also realizing they require it themselves to stay competitive.

monsterOf course a summary wouldn’t be complete without giving props to Eric Winegardner and Jenny DeVaughan for the Monster Social (#monstersocial) the night before the event. These two and their teams know how to throw an amazing networking event disguised as a party (and Winegardener delivers when you ask for a drink with “bling”)