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Digital Marketing for Recruiting Organizations

The best recruiters understand that their job is to put the best candidates forward who can help the company achieve its business objectives. Yet, with an ever-growing number of candidates applying to each open position, finding qualified talent often proves to be a significant challenge. To overcome these obstacles and ensure they supply the best candidates to their organizations, recruiters must be able to effectively market the company, its employment brand and open positions by the most effective means possible.

“Digital Marketing for Recruiting Organizations” explores how one of the most effective marketing techniques, pixel tracking, can help recruiters optimize their talent search. Through pixel tracking, whereby a small line of code that contains a 1-by-1 pixel-sized transparent image is inserted within the pages of an email or website, users can monitor recipient’s behavior. The white paper highlights how this strategy can be used by recruiters to optimize their talent acquisition strategies on an ongoing basis to supply the best talent, and includes details on the pixel tracking capabilities of several leading recruiting technology solution providers.