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Digital Interviewing Solutions

Recruiting and interviewing has come a long way since the days of headhunting and jotting down notes on a legal pad. Video and digital interviewing technologies have emerged over the last few years to modernize recruiting and screening practices to help employers identify great talent sooner, and provide a more convenient and positive experience for the candidate. As of 2012, some 63 percent of human resource managers used video interviewing within their organization. Organizations that made the switch have reported an increase in recruiter productivity as well as improvement to the quality of candidates advanced to in-person interviews. With candidate experience in mind and our interest piqued, Talent Function Group spoke with eight vendors to understand the video interviewing landscape. Noting a few key distinctions, here is a look at our findings.
Video and digital interviewing solutions:

  • Are easy to use: Basic, on-demand text-to-video solutions ideal for recruiters and organizations looking to create and pose interview questions using a link. Typically, candidates access the link via email or other methods and provide video responses.
  • Provide robust interviewing options: Solutions can include on-demand, text-to-video, video-to-video, question databases, customizable scoring, and workflow capabilities. Robust features and functionality emphasize candidate experience and centralize interview information for employers. Mobile apps increase access and further optimize the experience.
  • Offer highly customizable solutions: Each vendor provides customizable branding and email reminders for the candidate user interface. Premier solutions extend to include custom branding specific to each job, and/or question, further tailoring the candidate experience to the business requirements. Companies have the option to deliver unique welcome videos from the hiring manager, complete with job info, and close the interview with a message from the CEO.
  • Make evaluation efficient and effective: Evaluation capabilities vary by vendor. Some keep candidate scoring and evaluation standard, while others include a simple text box for recording responses or scoring based on a scale ranked one through five. More premier solutions provide customizable options, as well as candidate-to-candidate comparisons. One vendor, HireVue, includes dashboard analytics to better view candidates’ answers, taking into consideration question scoring and the weight of each response.

As the digital and video interviewing space continues to evolve, companies can include the technology in its recruiting and screening strategies to differentiate candidate experience, enhance the employment brand and streamline the evaluation process. They are sure to find a vendor working to match, meet and exceed their specific needs.