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Talent Engagement & Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Today’s tech market offers a whole host of solutions that enable recruiting organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition. And keeping up with ongoing advancements and constant updates to the various product features and functionality can be really overwhelming. What it comes down to is that companies can no longer rely on basic corporate career websites and ATSs to maintain competitive advantage and engage talent. Rather, they need a powerful, front-end system that offers career site management, job posting distribution, CRM, sourcing and performance analytics while promoting superior company branding and candidate engagement.

These “Talent Engagement” products work one of two ways – the first, creates a Talent Network, an opt-in candidate database where all of the content is created by the employer, keeping engagement flat, while the second option develops a member-based Talent Community built around shared content.

Those Talent Acquisition leaders who have implemented a Talent Network have the sourcing and performance metrics at their fingertips – enabling their organization to get strategic with their marketing dollars. Companies in this space (SmashFly, Talemetry, and JobVite) integrate smoothly with any ATS solution while others (SuccessFactors) offer a full suite of services including talent engagement and ATS solutions.

Data from SmashFly shows that approximately 60 percent of applicants drop out during the application process. Talent Networks can help reduce drop-out rates because job seekers can join without engaging in the often time-consuming application process by simply filling out a few fields to capture their basic information. Employers can then engage these leads and encourage them to apply through email marketing and social campaigns.

Talent Community solutions such as TalentCircles and BraveNewTalent take the idea of the Talent Network one step further, fostering an environment where people can join and become immersed in a community of followers that share an interest in the company. These followers can communicate and share relevant interests and/or communicate directly with one another and the company making engagement more dynamic, though value may be harder to measure. With technology continually changing, Talent Engagement is quickly becoming a key component of comprehensive recruitment marketing efforts, in order to manage sourcing strategy across both the active and passive channels. In an effort to help Talent Acquisition leaders tackle the expanding Talent Engagement space, Talent Function Group developed the following matrix based on the product features and functionality of select Talent Network and Talent Community solutions.