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Recruiting Chatbot Capability Guide

Why a Recruiting Chatbot?

Recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers spend a limitless amount of administrative hours with job applicants; leaving messages, waiting on email responses, scheduling interviews, and answering frequently asked questions. A chatbot solution frees up recruiters’ time on these administrative tasks and affords the recruiter more time to spend being a business partner to their clients.

A recruiting Chatbot conducts business around the clock. This solution helps move candidates through the recruitment cycle faster by asking the right questions to find out if the candidate is qualified, saving the recruiter time.


A Recruiting Chatbot solution is automation software that streamlines and simplifies the recruiting process. This is one type of solution that can be used in the recruiting process to increase recruiting effectiveness. Improving the candidate experience has been a focus area for many organizations. By utilizing a recruitment chatbot, it can be available 24/7 to answer questions from passive or active job seekers. A Recruiting Chatbot sits on top of your career site and can be configured to send pertinent candidate information to an ATS or CRM.


A Chatbot Solution streamlines simple tasks and frees up time for recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers. A chatbot solution can aid with the following tasks:

  • Schedule interviews
  • Share company information regarding: events, benefits, and employer brand
  • Prescreen candidates before a phone interview
  • Answer FAQs about the job or the application process
  • Apply to a job • Create and track candidate engagement

Overall, a Chatbot Solution can improve Candidate Experience with the ability to respond to hundreds of applicants, in the least amount of time, and not leave a negative feeling with the candidate by leaving them in what is commonly known as “the black hole”.

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