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Onboarding Solutions

More companies today understand the value of providing their new hires with a positive and engaging onboarding experience.

Rather than focusing on completing the various paperwork and forms, they realize that the onboarding stage should be about assimilating the new hire into the organization and helping them become familiar with their new colleagues and work environment. Doing so will help to make a positive impression on the new employee and set the stage for a long and successful career with the company.

While the process of transforming onboarding should be led by people, technology plays an important role as well. Yet, selecting the technology that can complement existing processes and goals and help to provide a streamlined process for acclimating new hires into the company and its culture is not always simple. With the ever-growing number of solutions on the market, it can be difficult to identify the right one.

Drawing on its unrivaled expertise in talent acquisition technology, Talent Function reviewed the offerings of six leading Onboarding solution vendors – cFactor, Cornerstone, iCIMS, Lumesse, Silk Road and Talentwise – to identify their unique capabilities and provide potential buyers with an understanding of what each can deliver. The guide provides insight into functionalities that improve the onboarding process, including use of electronic signature, the ability to create user-defined forms, use of video and images, and extent of reporting capabilities.