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Onboarding Capabilities Guide

New hire onboarding solutions are often overlooked by companies willing to invest in recruiting technology solutions. With so much emphasis today on the candidate experience, we can’t forget about the new hire experience – that period of time after offer acceptance and before or just beyond their start date. The right onboarding solution can set the stage for a long and fulfilling employee experience.

We took a deep dive into the onboarding capabilities of eight recruiting technology vendors. These vendors provide onboarding solutions that transform the manual completion of new hire paperwork into an interactive and engaging talent experience. Onboarding solutions foster new hire assimilation and accelerate productivity, with the ability to integrate with applicant tracking, learning and development and/or HR management systems. As a result of our in-depth analysis, we found that some solutions offer capabilities that are primarily transactional, while others provide a more interactive and optimal new hire team experience.