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Mobile Recruiting Solutions

Optimize the candidate’s mobile experience 

More than ever before, candidates are searching for jobs and applying via mobile devices. Sixty-eight (68) percent of job seekers use a mobile device to search for jobs at least once a week (reference Glassdoor). With the explosion of smart phones and other mobile device adoption, candidates now expect that their job search and apply experience through mobile devices will be simple, painless and similar to what they would experience utilizing a desktop computer or laptop. Employers must integrate mobile and social media into their recruitment strategy to be accessible to candidates and remain competitive in the chase for talent.

Several vendors have entered the mobile platform enablement market to meet this need. Many of these vendors follow a Saas model (e.g. Mobolt, iMomentous, Snap Hop, Three Sparks and Jibe). Saas technologies allow clients easier implementation setup, self-service configuration changes, limited purchase cost, as well as proof of concept, but with no customization available. Companies who select a Saas vendor are dependent on that vendor to stay on top of new technology enhancements in the mobile space. Conversely, larger companies with more time to implement, money, resources and many customization needs, may choose a vendor with a customizable solution (e.g. PunchKick). Of all the mobile platform enablement vendors, PunchKick allows its clients to create a customizable solution that is always adaptable to new technology enhancements in the mobile space.

The Talent Function team analyzed six mobile platform vendors and the features and functions each vendor offers their clients. All vendors we reviewed offer a solution with adaptive design (device specific) for mobile optimized career site with job search and browse functionality as well as application completion and submission. While many of these vendors offer similar functionality and features, there are some differences.

Many mobile platform vendors will help their clients build a new career website or leverage the existing career website utilizing templates for an optimized mobile experience. Most vendors enable candidates to apply via their mobile devices and upload their resume from the cloud or via social profiles and automatically pre-populate fields. Some of these vendors also have the ability to configure the candidate’s experience by device, category or location, including branching and knockout questions by specific job. Some vendor solutions offer their clients the ability to leverage SMS functionality, including SMS text workflow for screening questions and candidate sharing of jobs via SMS text. Employee referral functionality is offered by some vendors, allowing employees and candidates to match social connections to jobs as well as make and receive referrals. A key difference that some Saas vendors offer (e.g. iMomentous, Mobolt, Three Sparks and Snap Hop) is user-based permission access to the Admin Panel enabling the client the ability to edit and configure content, including: mobile career microsites, changing images, videos, brand colors/fonts, etc. Having access provides clients the control and minimized future costs versus having to ask the vendor to make any updates, thus increasing overall costs.

With technology continually changing, mobile is quickly becoming a key component of comprehensive recruitment strategy efforts. In an effort to help Talent Acquisition leaders tackle the expanding mobile platform space, Talent Function Group developed the following matrix based on the product features and functionality of select Mobile Platform solutions.