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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

While Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools have been on the market for many years, technology continues to advance in order to better meet the needs of recruiting organizations worldwide. CRM solutions allow recruiting teams to seamlessly create talent profiles, effectively communicate and market to these prospects and encourage top candidates to apply for opportunities with the companies the recruiting teams support.

Although many vendors offer simple CRM solutions, some also provide additional functionality and modules, including Applicant Tracking System, Talent Network, Onboarding and/or entire Talent Suite solutions. Still, selecting the vendor and solution that is right for your organization can be a challenge.

To help organizations better understand the capabilities of the solutions currently on the market, the Talent Function team sought out and analyzed six of the top CRM vendors and the features and functions each vendor offers to their customers. All vendors reviewed offer solutions that meet the basic requirements most would associate with an effective CRM, including the ability to: 1) create new talent profiles, 2) conduct advanced searches, 3) customize email campaigns and templates, and 4) configure the system to meet a client’s requirements.

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While many of these vendors offer similar functionality and features, there are some unique variances among their solutions. Here’s a snapshot of the key differentiators we found:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Text (SMS) contacts functionality
  • Employee referral matching, leader board and referral tracking
  • Unlimited emails via mass marketing campaigns
  • Schedule automated messages
  • Branding functionality
  • Integration with video interviewing vendors
  • Invitation to pre-register for events

With recruiting technology continually changing, it’s important for companies to constantly strive to create a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Technology solutions are critical to successful recruiting organizations, and Talent Acquisition leaders should evaluate their current technology solutions on an ongoing basis and seek vendors who can support their recruitment strategy long-term. In an effort to help Talent Acquisition leaders tackle the CRM vendor products available, Talent Function consultants developed a robust matrix based on the product features and functionality of select CRM products.