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Talent Function Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Talent Function, a women-owned advisement and consulting firm focused exclusively on talent acquisition, today announced its tenth anniversary. Throughout its 10 years, the firm has consulted to more than 100 clients – 30 percent from F500 companies – across 170+ engagements. Consistent with its long- standing practice of “giving back” to the industry it serves, Talent Function has also donated more than 1,700 pro bono hours to industry events, associations and non-Profits.

Talent Function, capably formed and led by Elaine Orler, has skillfully built a dynamic team of experts that have ‘been there, done that’ in every aspect of talent acquisition,” said Paul Boyett, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Corteva. “They are rare in the fact that all of their consultants bring real-world, big-company, and global experience, combined with leading practice project management, consulting methodology, requirements gathering, and technical know-how through partnership with expert level implementation resources. The people at Talent Function are always great to work with, and when I have a project that’s mission critical, I always sleep better when I know I have their special forces on my team.

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Talent Function has just been awarded the 16th annual Bronze Stevie Award for Company of the Year – Business Services – More Than 10 Employees. This is a significant achievement worthy of international recognition by multiple independent judges. Finalists were determined by the average scores of more than 150 business professionals around the world, working on seven juries. Click here to read more…

The Woman Behind It All!

Part 2 of 2

Elaine Orler continues her “behind the company” interview and enlightening us on how she has made 10 years a success! Elaine continues to divulge the lessons she learned, greatest strengths, and where she sees the company in another 10 years. Need to catch up? Find part 1 of Elaine’s interview here. 

Are there any valuable lessons learned that you could share? Is there anything you would do differently?

Valuable lessons – tons and tons and more than I can even start sharing about, but I’ll try. There are a few things I’ve learned in the last ten years that I wish I had known earlier in life and business, but at least I’ve learned them now.

  1. I see people for what they can be not what they are. While this has some exciting opportunities in it, I found that I often saw more potential for people than they did for themselves and had to come to terms with the fact that they were not interested in being more than they were. It manifested with several different people and I had to learn to let people be who they are not who I believe they can be. This was a hard lesson because my intentions were always good but the outcomes and the stress on the relationships turned things negative, fast. I now practice holding positive visions for people but practical expectations in the work they need to deliver and the experiences I create with them. That was probably the toughest lesson.
  2. Knowing when to say no – I think this is a life lesson for everyone – I tend to want to do everything (I know you don’t believe this but it’s true) and doing everything can lead to getting nothing done – very quickly. Understanding what project work, or new client situations have the potential to be successful and which have the potential to never succeed was a tricky dance for me – because I wanted every opportunity to succeed and it often times. caused pain to those that had to figure out how to make it work. I now practice saying no more often than before – but I tend to temper the no with alternatives, not yet, soon, later, just very few no, not evers.
  3. Let your Yes be Yes and in order for it to be Yes – surround yourself with people that like to deliver on your promises. I love our tribe and this is one of the reasons we have such a unique set of skills and abilities, and we compliment each other so well, I want to always keep that energy. When someone asks for something, advice, a tool, an idea, something from before, I’m surrounded by people that can and will make sure that deliverable, message, response happens and that makes us a strong tribe. I now practice not promising to do things – that I know I can’t do, but promising things that I know the tribe can do collectively.
  4. Cut the bottom 10% always – no exception. Took a few times to learn this one – by not letting go of those that were not living up to performance expectations it brought the entire tribe down, and cost us financially. I now hold to no matter how hard it is, always cutting the bottom 10% each year – to ensure that we’re always growing. It can manifest in many ways for us – from resources, to clients, to tools or expenses but each year 10% goes to free up time, space, and energy to bring about more positive results.

Where do you see yourself and Talent Function in the next ten years?

On a beach somewhere drinking margaritas? Living in a motorhome traveling the United States – neither of those are anywhere near true. 10 years is a long time away – I didn’t predict the last ten years. If someone said you’re going to start a consulting company that you manage for 10+ years successfully, you’re going to be the go-to team for all things talent acquisition technology and business process, you’re going to have worked with over 100 amazing companies all referenceable, and in that time you’ll start a non-profit on candidate experience, buy a software company that provides tools for conscious inclusion, run a conference for two years, and travel the world – I would have said they were crazy, and yet that is what the last 10 years have been. My vision for the next 10 is more of the same – same excitement, positive change in the industry, problems to solve and great relationships to solve them with. I can’t ask for anything more, I won’t ask for anything more.

What do you believe to be the greatest strength of Talent Function? 

That might be the easiest question on this list. Our people. The people that work here now, those that have been a part of our past, and the ones a part of our future, make us who we are. Their passion for solutions in recruiting is commendable. They all want to do right by the client, want to see success around every corner and maintain a glass is always full mentality. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all human, we have bad days and projects at times, but the resilience of the partner team and their attitude to sacrifice and do what is best for the company for the benefit of all is so amazing it gives me goosebumps. There would be no Talent Function without the people that show up every day to do some amazing work with awesome clients.

What do you think is the most vital business challenge in the 21st Century?

I think our greatest challenge in this century is to not neglect the basics of humanity. We get so busy – looking at our phones, the work to do, we neglect each other as people and hurt humankind. We are faced everyday with the potential for automation / technology to do our jobs, and marketing that says it will do our jobs better, faster, cheaper, but the thing automation can’t do, doesn’t have, is a soul, and if we don’t find ways to protect human relationships and see our souls for the unique and created things they are – we’re lost forever. In everything we do as consultants, as practitioners, as family members, spouses, friends, children, neighbors, we need to remember humanity, humility and patience. Without those three things we are destined to be the machines we’re quickly creating. We have the opportunity every day, in every interaction to strengthen these relationships and ensure our value, and I look for and strive to do that every day.

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The Power in UNLEASH2019

I recently attended the UNLEASH19 world conference in Paris and found myself in a sea of global participants all discussing their Talent Acquisition problems openly with the providers and each other. This was all in an open effort to identify and find solutions for those problems at hand. It was refreshing to hear the honesty in the requests and the clarity in the discussions. UNLEASH has mastered the art and science in creating a conference that delivers excellent content, conversation and collaboration.

The startup stage and competitions were one of my favorite areas of exploration at the conference. I gravitate to better understanding what could possibly be next in the realm of technology to solve human problems, and there was no shortage of options to choose from. Nestled into the schedule with the startup competition was a panel of analysts, investors and clients discussing the opportunities and risks associated with funding, advising and engaging with a startup solution. As I listened and agreed with much of the advice; everything from know the vision, understand the leadership team and have controls around any pilot or experience to ensure scope doesn’t run away with the plan, I reflected on the realization that we’ve moved to a problem solving economy. The startup solutions, the providers gaining the most amount of funding and interest were all focused on specific client problems and the greater the focus and intent to solve, the greater the interest. It was only a few years ago that the startup competitions and events were labeled as the disruption – innovation – the change your ways solutions. The awakening had me really considering what our next generation of solutions will consist of, how and where do we balance solving the problem, and I know I have with solve the problem I didn’t know I had – before I have it.

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Welcome to the Tribe

Talent Function welcomes our newest tribe members Stephanie Wemusa and Kristina Brennan. Stephanie has already helped our tribe immensely with her experience developing inclusive workplace practices to source, recruit, engage and advance diverse employees. And Kristina joins our Operations staff providing team support and Marketing expertise. We encourage you to get to know Stephanie and Kristina better. We are so grateful you are on our team!

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Stephanie Wemusa Kristina Brennan

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