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The beginning of 2019 has had a continued effort pushing the HR industry forward. Companies are finding more and more creative ways to approach talent acquisition in order to find and hire the best talents. Technology has improved to find accurate, strategic methods to funnel through thousands of applications and discover the most qualified applicants. We say hello to futuristic-seeming discoveries in artificial intelligence which now are able to handle the tasks that would otherwise distract from developing one-on-one relationships with applicants. On top of the technological advances, new techniques and strategies continue to emerge in the HR world in the hiring processes that become necessary for promoting the success of organizations trying to stay at the top of their fields. And here at Talent Function, the new year has brought us many more opportunities to grow and to show the world that we are on top of the game when it comes to talent acquisition. So as the HR world develops and sprints forward into the future, we are along for every step of it as we refuse to lay back and fall behind. We continue to grow and adapt to stay on top of the latest technology and recruiting trends and are excited to show the world why we are still in this race.

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#WorkHuman Live 2019
Elaine Orler @elaineorler Mar 20
#workhuman @KatColeATL sharing truth on that voice inside that says “Who am I to ask that question.” the truth “I’m the President if I don’t ask it, who will.” “Own the ‘only’ in you and speak up.” time to silence that #impostersyndrome voice!

Elaine Orler @elaineorler Mar 20
#WorkHuman “If you have 5 friends, and bring them into the room, will you increase the diversity of the room, or not?. Knowing this – will it be different in 6 months? If not – you’re part of the problem.” @Candi #inclusion #Iwilldomypart


Women in Leadership Symposium 2019

Written by Darlene Duran

I had the honor of attending the Women in Leadership Symposium alongside some of my colleagues and good friends. As I arrived you could feel the energy in the air, it was calming, accepting, bright; but it also was 8 in the morning! The discussion started with Carol Dedrich, San Diego Girl Scouts CEO and I can’t even express in words what she brought to the table; she empowered women to begin building up the world around them. Going over how together women should band together and show their strength in numbers all united. Teaching us to get in touch with ourselves, so we can begin to have those courageous conversations. How kindness, just one simple kind word, can change the dynamic so intensely. Lastly, she closed with how shared accountability causes vulnerability. I do not think there was one dry eye after she closed!

Next up was Lori Nickel; VP Senior Diversity Consultant and she went over Gender Based Harassment in the workplace. I feel really fortunate to work with a tribe of people who are mostly women, and those men who we work with are some of the most respected men I know. With this being said, her conversation got me thinking more and more about how we should be speaking up in those situations not just for the women but also helping others and not indulge in victim shaming! Another point she made that really stuck with me was when one rises, we all rise, reminding us ladies that there is enough to go around. Someone else’s success in the workplace doesn’t discount yours, it doesn’t make you a failure or having fallen short.

Linda Lannen, SVP, Director of Corporate Services followed in line after Lori, really helping us women understand Leveraging Intersectionality in the workplace. She drove home how all of us come to the table with different aspects of our identities, some physical, some you could find in a quick google search, or simply your sexuality, etc. But how we all also possess so much more as well just from our own stories that unless we put on the table others wouldn’t get to see. She made this correlation I loved, saying how TRUE value is made when we are creating better solutions. When we don’t assume that Mary Jane is just a female & entrepreneur, but because she is also a mother of an infant, she can see the importance of thinking about things like stroller access on a train. Just not counting anyone out but really getting a well-rounded team can make for better solutions.

Continuing the conversation was Pamela Cosman, a distinguished college professor. She spoke about Overcoming Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome. She shed light on how to really unmask our impostor syndrome and also help identify that in others. How when we can unmask ourselves, we will find more pleasure in our work. She went over 7 bullet points of how we can see the impostor syndrome in our own lives, as well as be an advocate for others. She made the comment perfection is unrealistic and exhausting, and that really resonated with me and so many others as we asked ourselves why do we set a high bar for ourselves and others? We just need to find our own strengths and be confident in that.

In closing Dawn Andrews, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at a large corporation, guided us in how we gain and become a mentor. Finding our trusted 10, and slowly bringing in others into that circle that are different than us. Reminding us again NO perfectionism since that feeds impostor syndrome. Really focusing in on our goal, and to start having, what sounds morbid, but gravestone thinking. Keeping focused on the legacy we want to leave behind and being our genuine self, in that just knowing who we are and owning it. We put a lot of expectations on others, and ourselves we just need to be the “First You” there is. Lastly giving ourselves grace, as what may have been the impact isn’t always the intent, and allowing that to flow into our workplace can build stronger mentoring relationships with others.

This symposium was eye opening and empowering, and so many left feeling confident in their role in leadership. Even for me, who is not in leadership felt stronger and more prepared to support those who are, as well as encouraged to want something bigger!


Welcome To The Tribe Frank!

Talent Function welcomes Frank Wittenauer as our newest consultant. We are excited to add his unique set of skills and talents to our tribe. I asked Frank some questions to get to know him better.

Where did you grow up?
Mostly in Maine. I moved a lot when I was young.

What was your first job? My first job besides mowing lawns and shoveling driveways was washing dishes at a summer beach restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine.

How’d you get your first job in the business world? What did you do? First job out of college was for Keane, Inc. in Boston, an IT consulting firm, now owned by NTT Data. I was the Resumix Systems Administrator. I found the job through the Career Center at school, which another classmate had an offer and turned it down for another opportunity. When I joined, I found the other guy’s login credentials were already set up.

What was one of your most proud moments in the HR industry?
Building one of the first recruitment related Intranets using scrap Sun Microsystems equipment and a co-op student.

What was it like? It was incredibly exciting as we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to build and had constant learning by experimentation. Also, 18 hour days with lots of Sweet Tart candies. We went through three 2-lbs bags in the course of a week, which probably led to the 18 hour days.

What are one or two of the biggest lessons you’ve learned over the course of your career? When bad things happen, get your people out first, then worry about the details. Before arguing every little detail on a project or during a meeting, ask yourself “is this a hill worth dying on”. Many times, you just need to pick your battles.

What are you looking forward to doing with Talent Function? Advising organizations on how to put their people first and not just give it lip service. Whether that is improved recruiting processes and candidate experiences or helping employees with their work experiences.

As you can see, Frank is very friendly, down-to-earth, and very well-equipped to do great things with Talent Function. Welcome to the Tribe!


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