Recruiting Trends Panel: Building a More Candidate-Friendly Experience

The panel discussion featured talent-acquisition leaders from four Candidate-Experience-Award-winning companies.

A lousy candidate experience can be costly to your organization’s bottom line, regardless of whether or not its business is selling products or services directly to customers, said Elaine Orler, CEO and co-founder of Talent Function Group, during a panel discussion at this year’s Recruiting Trends Conference at the Hilton in Austin, Texas.

“Even if you’re not a consumer-facing business, the comments we’ve seen from candidates will hurt you — things like ‘I will tell my community of scientists to never apply here,’ ” said Orler, citing research by the Talent Board (of which she is also co-founder), the nonprofit organization that’s behind the annual Candidate Experience Awards. During the panel, moderated by Orler and titled “The ROI Realities of Improving Candidate Experience,” talent acquisition leaders from four companies shared what they’ve been doing (and continue to do) to make the process of applying to jobs at their companies easier, more informative and less intimidating.

The panelists included Glen Johnson, director of talent acquisition at Delta Air Lines; Stefanie Thornton, head of talent acquisition for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; Cindy McGregor, solutions manager for talent acquisition at pharmaceutical distributor and healthcare IT company McKesson; and Chris Marquardt, senior HR specialist with Belgium-based engineering company SWIFT. All four companies are current or past CandE winners.

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