Talent Function provides expertise to SHRM Research Quarterly

Elaine Orler provided valuable insights to the discussion of Successfully Transitioning to a Virtual Organization: Challenges, Impact and Technology, the latest SHRM Research Quarterly article.

Excerpt from page 2:

For a virtual team leader, flexibility is paramount. “Leaders need to be more flexible in how and when they communicate. Some people connect on instant messenger while others prefer text messages. Protocols of communication get more and more sophisticated. The more flexibility I have, the more I can connect with my diverse team,” points out Elaine Orler, president of Talent Function Group LLC and a member of the SHRM HR Technology and Management Special Expertise Panel.

Excerpt from page 5:

The expansion of virtual teaming technology provides a variety of communication tools for virtual teams. “Technology should be a strong conduit for virtual team success. That technology is not solely based on corporate infrastructure, but rather is an extension of that infrastructure to create and bond the team as a community of peers,” emphasizes Orler, of Talent Function Group LLC. “Virtual communication and information sharing can be accomplished using a number of vehicles, such as e-mail, intranets and the Internet, video conferencing, teleconferencing, webcasts, shared electronic whiteboards and groupware (e.g., Lotus Notes). Every organization, as it expands to work at a virtual pace, will encounter challenges when working virtually.”

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