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Recruiting Tech ‘State of the Union’

Article from Human Resource Executive Online

In a Q&A, Talent Function Group’s Elaine Orler, a featured presenter at the upcoming HR Technology® Conference, sits down with Inside HR Tech Columnist and HR Technology®Conference Co-Chair Steve Boese to share her views on the complex and ever-changing world of recruiting technology.

It’s no surprise that the traditional leading source of innovation in HR technology is in the area of recruiting. Organizations have long realized that, in the intense environment that is today’s competition for the best talent, technologies that can help them source, attract, engage, assess and hire can also offer them advantages in scale, efficiency and cost — not to mention help raise the overall level of the organization’s talent.

But tradition aside, the recruiting-technology landscape has grown increasingly complex over the last several years. Once limited to core applicant-tracking systems, today’s recruiting solutions span numerous recruiting sub-functions. They’ve also embraced multiple methods of access and distribution, and are exploiting many traditional consumer-oriented approaches in areas such as social networking and video communication. With all this growth, innovation and increased complexity, it can be extremely difficult for an HR leader to stay up to date on the trends and new and emerging solutions, and to know where to focus his or her efforts.

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