The Talent Strategist Series – Recruiter’s Studio Oakland

Talent Function presents a day-long recruiter excellence workshop. Today’s recruiters are challenged to be “more strategic” while also being asked to do more with less. The Talent Strategist Series is a workshop series designed to transform recruiters into Talent Strategists. The workshop is a collaborative training forum that draws from best practices in talent acquisition, executive coaching, and personal productivity.

In the Recruiter’s Studio Oakland — the agenda will examine “the differences that make a difference.” What if you could be 15% more effective in your current role? What impact would that have on your results and your overall job satisfaction. In the Recruiter’s studio we will interview the best recruiters in San Francisco Bay Area and we’ll examine four key areas:

1. How they manage their workload

2. How they leverage social media in THEIR recruiting (what is smart and effective?)

3. How they engage and influence their hiring manager clients

4. How they leverage their organization’s talent strategy in their work

Talent Function workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive. Recruiters learn best by doing. Participants can expect to role play with their peers and the course facilitators. Course materials and audio files of the event will be made available after the workshop.

The course will be facilitated by Talent Function ( co-founder, Mark McMillan and Shane Metcalf. Talent Function is a leading provider of talent acquisition consulting to large, complex recruiting departments. Mark is a recognized thought leader in talent acquisition space. He writes and speaks on trends affecting the recruiting function. In 2011 Mark became the Executive Director of the Talent Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to studying candidate experience. The 2011 Candidate Experience Awards attracted 58 organizations and surveyed more than 11,000 employment candidates. Within Talent Function, Mark also works as an executive coach and he is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Shane Metcalf works as an executive coach and expert workshop leader. Shane specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and service professionals. Shane is also a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming as the basis for his coaching style. In 2010, Shane spent over 300 hours teaching workshops. Shane is currently leading a research study on “high performance” recruiters.

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