TA Technology Conference, Austin, TX – Booth 225

Talent Function speaking engagements:

Wells Fargo Banks on Optimizing Talent Acquisition Technology
Kerry Karle, Senior Vice President, International Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility, Wells Fargo
Janine Woodworth, Partner, Talent Function

Wells Fargo, already one of the world’s largest banks, has big plans for international expansion. Naturally, it will need talented new hires to help execute these plans — in fact, it needs to hire 5,100 people outside the United States. You’ll hear how Wells Fargo successfully built out its existing talent acquisition platform to engage in high-volume recruiting while standardizing its international recruiting process, gained greater efficiencies, and enhanced the tools and technology available to support its country-specific recruiting.

American Airlines Soaring to New Heights With Updated Talent Acquisition Model
Rob Daugherty, Director of Talent Acquisition, American Airlines
Elaine Orler, CEO & Co-Founder, Talent Function

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways created the largest airline in the world. As a newly merged entity, the company faced the challenge of uniting the distinct talent acquisition processes and technologies that the individual airlines previously had in place. Rob Daugherty likens the experience to “trying to change a car’s tires while driving 80 mph” — think separate applicant tracking systems, different recruitment process outsourcing solutions, independent work groups and unique hiring processes. You’ll hear how American developed a fresh delivery model for the newly merged airline, and positioned itself to soar to new heights with a reinvented talent acquisition process that puts the candidate center stage.

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