Spark Live 2020

Talent Function was a Silver Sponsor for Spark Live 2020 – Beamery’s annual talent summit!

“The future of work if yours to build” – Spark Live 2020 was packed with practical tools for rethinking where we’re at and where we’re heading. In the opening session, Beamery’s founders, Abakar Saidov, and Sultan Saidov spoke about the opportunity that we have to create dynamic experiences for our hiring managers and candidates. The pandemic has ushered in the future of work much sooner than we anticipated. This future demands diversity and hinges on the experience that we are offering to both recruiters and candidates. Are we willing to let go of our idea of the “ideal candidate” as one that inherently imparts bias?

Phil Haynes, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Zoom, spoke on taking a different approach to talent acquisition. One way of doing this is outgrowing the traditional “just-in-time” recruiting mentality. Removing the pressure of insufficient time from sourcers and recruiters, in turn, enhances the experience of both candidates and the recruiters themselves.

Date: November 12, 2020

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