Recruiting Trends 2012: A Look at the Latest Tools and Initiatives

Human Resource Executive Webinar with Elaine Orler as the presenter.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 2:30 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

When it comes to recruiting qualified talent, the challenge continues to escalate rather than diminish. Although the pool of unemployed workers is large, each hiring employer has its own distinct requirements and needs to find the right person, not just any person. In this webinar, you will learn how to align your tools with today’s recruiting imperative, positioning them in a way that addresses your organization’s current and future needs.

Our presenter, Elaine Orler of Talent Function Group, has been involved in developing and implementing recruitment solutions since 1993. Regarded as a leading expert in talent acquisition, many companies have depended on her knowledge in recruitment strategy, process and technology to further their organizations’ effectiveness.

Elaine views recruitment as a complex puzzle that requires multiple applications, resources and processes to bring the total picture into view. During this webinar, she will explore the changes in the recruiting technology landscape and what to watch for going forward. She’ll also discuss how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and why, oftentimes, that’s the biggest hurdle to overcome.

There’s no shortage of studies on the importance of talent driving competitive advantages. In the 2011 Lloyd’s Risk Index, a poll of 500 C-suite and board-level executives, researchers found “talent and skills shortages” to be the No. 2 risk facing businesses—up from No. 22 in 2009. This problem is getting worse, not better. This webinar will help you shore up your defenses before your competition attracts the best and brightest while ensuring you are armed with insights that can help you identify, select and implement the right recruitment solutions.

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