Phenom’s AI & The Evolved Recruiter

Phenom’s conference, AI & The Evolved Recruiter, was centered around the ways that AI is managing to do the impossible in the world of HR. In his keynote, Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-Founder of Phenom, stated that the importance of AI has never been more meaningful than now with the global pandemic that has put over a billion people out of work. Talent Acquisition has an opportunity to be the post-pandemic superhero. 

There are often a few myths associated with AI. John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer, focused on unraveling a few of these. One of which is how we expect AI to have all the answers. We forget that AI is simply a machine containing options and probabilities. The answer will always remain up to us. Sumser prefers to think of AI as an intelligence tool. Another myth he pointed out was that of AI eliminating bias. He states that “AI is as biased as the humans that designed it and the data that flows through it.” AI’s job is not to eliminate bias but to open up the conversation around it.  

AI & The Evolved Recruiter was influential in helping transform the way we think about AI. Accepting the reality of what AI and machine learning offers allows us to harness these tools to change our companies for the better. AI can augment talent acquisition by enabling candidates to find the right job at your organization faster, in turn, ensuring a pipeline of more qualified applicants. It can also take on any unnecessary administrative burden. AI is learning as we are learning, and it is crucial to educate ourselves on the importance of machine learning and how we can implement it. 

Date: October 22, 2020

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