HR Tech Conference

Elaine Orler Presenting

HR Technology Conference presentation by Talent Function CEO Elaine Orler exploring the recruiting landscape in 2016 and beyond..

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REC1: What’s Trending & Beyond? Talent Acquisition Technology for Modern Recruiting

Wednesday 05 October 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: N427

In today’s world, technology and innovation are constantly evolving — and talent acquisition technology is no different. With new innovations promising to ease challenges and improve processes, along with a constant stream of solutions flooding the market, how do companies identify what’s trending and which technologies align with their organizational needs? Industry expert Elaine Orler will discuss what’s trending in talent acquisition technology: engagement, intelligence and responsiveness. She’ll share how organizations are leveraging ground-breaking methods and solutions to change the way they engage top talent, market their employment brand and attract individuals through a positive candidate experience. You’ll take away a deep understanding of current talent acquisition trends and how the latest technology can be used to meet candidate and employer expectations, plus support recruiting efforts.

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