Elaine Orler to speak at Visier Outsmart 2018

DATE: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

TIME: 4:45 pm

LOCATION: W Hotel, San Francisco

Elaine will be speaking on Talent Acquisition Analytics: from Recruiting Funnel to Predictive Insights for Leaders. Data-driven recruiting isn’t new. We’ve been measuring the funnel and calculating time to fill since the days of the abacus. What is new is the vast volume of data and the intelligence-based tools we now have to not just consider how we’ve always done things but to experiment, model, and adjust to how we need to do things to compete in the talent market now and in the future. The overwhelming possibilities with all of the data can and often does paralyze us into no action. In this session Elaine Orler will outline the current trends in data collection, analysis and action in talent acquisition and provide a framework for how to assess and frame your data for insights and predictive intelligence.