ERE Digital 2.0

Our takeaways from ERE Digital 2.0 Recruiting Conference –

ERE Digital 2.0 is not a typical event. It’s an experience. You won’t be an attendee. You’ll be a participant as you engage with peers, speakers, leaders, decision-makers, and influencers all with one aim — to elevate your work, your department, and your organization.” 

We heard content that was innovative, engaging, and dynamic, yet the key differentiator was the collective participation. Real change always starts with an idea, and collective learning takes it to the next level for a higher degree of impact. Community manifests itself via collective learning and collaboration.

We had the opportunity to hear relevant content from different perspectives about where we are now in the present and what the future may look like for talent. Mary Faulkner and Kiersten Greggs challenged the idea of hiring for culture fit in their session: Can Recruiting Fix Your Company’s Culture?. Destructive behaviors and biases can lurk behind a company’s culture and similarly affect recruiters and their decision making. Taking a look inward and examining these biases allows recruiters to intentionally promote the very behavior their organization should be striving to emulate. 

Throughout the sessions, we saw an emphasis on transforming how we manage TA going forward rather than going back to the normal we knew. We need to ensure that we learn from what we are experiencing, choose to be agile to the current TA experience, and decide how to best move forward in our evolving environments.

Date: October 20 – 21, 2020