Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Workshop & Certification Program

HR, isn’t it time you take back control of 63% of the total cost of labor that your organization deploys?

Industry experts say 63% of a typical company’s labor spend comes from the contingent workforce.

Shocked? You should be. Janitors, IT consultants, the receptionist and rogue experts within your companies’ walls are impacting the company performance each and every day – and HR typically does not manage these resources. This results in huge costs as well as liability for your firm (1099, IP, discrimination, mismanagement, etc.). And we think it’s time you stood up to the plate and took control of this spending. Learn how to:

  • Manage spending and reduce risk
  • Ensure your contract workforce is aligned to your firm’s KPI
  • Discover new ways to procure contract workforces with a hot, new category of “Crowdsourcing” vendors
  • Manage virtual teams and workers
  • Become strategic in managing this contingent spend across your organization

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