Vision & Goal-Setting
We work with your executive and HR leadership to understand the overarching business objectives and align the project, deliverables and desired outcomes.

Future State Process Reinvention & Business Process Design
We draw from your business successes – both past and present – and bring your team to alignment on the right future vision and processes to improve ROI to the business.

Talent Acquisition Structure & Design
We develop the plans for your organization’s recruiting center of excellence, including process centralization, accountability matrices, and role definition and realignment.

Requirement Solicitation & Market Intelligence
We know the right questions to ask to get you the best possible results. We will quantify your requirements and provide vendor-agnostic intelligence on the solution landscape to help you make informed decisions about the technologies that make sense for your company.

Implementation Readiness and Planning
After you select a Talent Acquisition solution, but before you sign your contract, we can help you accurately scope the implementation project and design any necessary cutover plans.

Measurement & Analysis
Understanding how new processes and technologies will impact your business before implementation can help you build a business case for change. We analyze your company’s needs and ability to change, and calculate the anticipated ROI, providing you the information necessary to ensure budget and resources to deliver successfully.