Program Governance
As deployment projects commence, they require an oversight and connection to ensure alignment between business strategy and implementation direction. Talent Function consultants provide program management, project management and functional expertise over the life of the deployment project to ensure oversight, escalation and control during program execution.

Change Management
Change is never easy, and it only seems more complicated when multiple stakeholders within many departments and across several countries are involved. Talent Function can forecast potential challenges, ease the change and help you communicate the benefits of new processes and systems to encourage greater adoption across the Talent Acquisition function.

Solution Design, Configuration & Testing
Our consultants have a deep understanding of Talent Acquisition technologies across the spectrum – from sourcing to onboarding – and we understand the implications of each design and configuration decision made. Talent Function acts as a translator for our clients and technology providers to make the future state vision a reality.

Customized Training
Our consultants understand that every business is unique, and consequently, every technology configuration and business change process is different. Talent Function consultants carefully assess organizational opportunities and respond with highly specialized training and solutions to ensure end user acceptance and adoption.

Existing Solution Optimization
Talent Function will help refine the technology you already have, so your recruiters can spend quality time with candidates, rather than getting caught in a web of disconnected systems and processes.