Consulting Services

Consulting Services


We innovate with you. The best Talent Acquisition processes in the industry are the ones designed specifically to work for you. Unlike other firms, Talent Function doesn't come in with a one-size-fits-all approach.

We're masters in process design, and committed to eliminating duplication and recruiter busy-work. Guiding you through each step of the strategy reinvention, our consultants help your company’s business leaders, Human Resource professionals and technology stakeholders understand the benefits of change. We've been through this before and thus help you avoid costly implementation mistakes before you start. Through our strategy services, we advise and coach our clients to become better process innovators themselves.

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We navigate for you. The ultimate validation of deployment success is whether the changes endure and produce long-term benefits.

We understand the challenges and how to resolve them, connecting the process dots with solutions you’ve deployed to make everything work better together and for you. Talent Function consultants leverage a proven methodology, which ensures that we deliver targeted, effective services to our global customers. Our team is highly seasoned in implementing, optimizing and integrating solutions across the Talent Acquisition spectrum – from sourcing, candidate relationship management (CRM), talent communities and applicant tracking to assessments, video interviewing, background checking and effective onboarding for new hires. We also prescribe recommendations and planning to support broader HR and IT related integrations with the Talent Acquisition services and systems.

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Why Understand Talent Acquisition

You need to get ahead of volume fluctuations. Stop getting whipsawed by managers. Deliver quality and quantity, quickly. Get your processes and systems ready for fully integrated Talent Acquisition. Stop laboring under unusable systems, with bad processes enshrined in perfectly good software. Optimize or upgrade your technology. Get new tools, candidate data mining and social sourcing working for you.
Elevate your employment brand. Manage compliance.