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HR Technology Conference 2017: The Beginning of a New Conversation

–Talent Sonar: Talent Sonar empowers clients to look at the qualities that predict success. Its 5 Best Hiring Practices support diversity and inclusion efforts by prioritizing job skill sets, creating inclusive job descriptions, enabling a blind resume review, and providing data-driven hiring. […]

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Talent Function on You’re Hired! Radio

Guest experts Eileen Raymond who is the Executive Director for Experienced Hire Recruiting at KPMG and Elaine Orler‏, the founder and CEO of Talent Function tell you what is getting better and why in the world of Candidate Experience. Listen to […]

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Candidate Experience Audits Are Core to Recruiting

“Look to continuously improve the interactions between recruiters and hiring managers and between both groups and candidates,” said Elaine Orler, president and founder of Talent Function, a talent acquisition consulting firm based in San Diego. “Come up with better ways to […]

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Recruiting’s Evolution

by Human Resource Executive Online on May 12, 2017 Organizations that haven’t taken the time to ensure that candidates are treated with respect are struggling the most to fill positions, says Elaine Orler, CEO of Talent Function in San Diego and […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Employee Feedback

by SHRM on May 15, 2017 Elaine Orler, founder and CEO of Talent Function, a San Diego-based talent acquisition technology consultancy, has seen demos of vendor systems that analyze candidate voices for pitch, tone and other characteristics, as well as some systems that […]

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