Client Results

Client Results

ViaSat: Transforming Applicant Tracking, Candidate Relationship and Events Management

ViaSat is a global provider of satellite broadband and wireless services, infrastructure and technology. And while the company’s mission is to securely connect consumers, businesses, governments and military to the internet from anywhere in the world, the company faced some challenges internally. With an applicant tracking solution (ATS) that failed to keep up with its talent acquisition needs, and recognizing how the adoption of a candidate relationship management system and events management system could drive further recruiting improvement, ViaSat sought a solution that could deliver all three of these necessary capabilities.

After a careful vendor selection process, ViaSat chose Avature for its ATS, CRM and Campus & Events Management solutions. However, the company soon faced a new challenge: implementing these solutions effectively across the enterprise.

Communicating Change, Driving Results

According to Garry Gorgei, IT project manager at ViaSat, “Not only did we have to drive company-wide adoption of these three new systems within a compressed time frame, but as we previously didn’t have a CRM or events management system, we had to figure out how these systems could be used to greatest benefit, without prior experience.”

Gorgei and his team recognized the need for external consultants that could help facilitate the implementation, help identify the most important requirements and ensure all deadlines were met. After reviewing recommended suppliers and conducting extensive customer references, ViaSat engaged with Talent Function because of their extensive understanding of talent acquisition and recruiting, alongside their deep expertise with recruiting technology solutions like Avature.

Through strong collaboration, ViaSat and Talent Function worked together to refine requirements and ensure alignment on everything it needed from its new systems. With a firm understanding of how the product worked, Talent Function helped articulate what the systems could do in an impartial way, to ensure ViaSat would leverage all the features it needed from the beginning, removing much of the guesswork. Talent Function also complemented ViaSat’s implementation plans by helping the company develop a solid set of pre-implementation documents such as workflows and data models to meet its unique and evolving requirements.

A New Approach to Talent Acquisition

Following a successful implementation, ViaSat now benefits from Avature’s robust CRM and Campus & Events Management Solution capabilities. As a result, the company has an easy way to manage its various recruiting events, invite candidates and advance them through the process in one system, rather than having to rely on manual systems like spreadsheets or notebooks. And as the company is beginning the next phase of its Avature implementation – the launch of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ViaSat will have a stronger recruiting platform, enabling it to identify the talent it needs for future job openings, push out new positions to qualified candidates more easily and keep its talent pipeline engaged. ViaSat expects continued success, based on the foundation established by Talent Function.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Talent Function team, which managed the implementation with our best interests in mind,” Gorgei commented. “Although the engagement is over, we appreciate that we can still approach them with any questions about the project. That is very important to us as we continue to drive optimization of these new systems, and it speaks to the integrity of Talent Function as an organization.”

Summing up the experience, Gorgei said, “In one word, Talent Function was amazing.”