Client Results

Client Results

Plant-based Pharmaceutical Company Restructures Talent Acquisition Infrastructure

Plant-based pharmaceutical company restructures talent acquisition infrastructure to support rapid growth.

Rescaling the Solution

A company that provides an alternative to pharmaceutical pills, focusing on plants to do the healing requested help from Talent Function. In 2016 the company grew to be a globally recognized brand creating a product with modern wellness in mind. This product was created to provide a safe, natural, and effective way to manage health and happiness. The product is best known for its dose-controlled devices and medical-grade recyclable materials. When this product began trending quickly, the company was stuck without a talent acquisition infrastructure to support its manual recruitment processes. With their growth plans rapidly progressing, they reached out to Talent Function to help automate and expand their recruitment capabilities and compliance tracking.

Implementation Success

Talent Function was hired to help define, configure, and implement an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The system would be used to help Hiring Managers with full recruitment functions. This project demanded expertise in recruitment and HR strategy to guide the team in the creation of a new data structure and integration plan. With this implementation, Talent Function also implemented a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) solution to support an active career site along with improving the search and apply processes. Lastly, Talent Function helped the company implement a site that enabled hiring managers to move candidates through their recruitment process faster. This was key to ensure user adoption and overall success. A large percentage of the companies hiring managers are located in their retail stores and manage the hiring process without the help of a centralized recruitment team. The system needed to be easy to use with minimal training for volume hiring.

Talent Function deployed a Talent Acquisition system and process specialist who played an integral role in defining and streamlining the approved future state vision. A senior consultant from Talent Function was assigned to project manage the implementation while acting as a functional and technical subject matter expert to ensure the future state vision was configured accurately. The CRM, ATS, Hiring Manager Portals, and the integrations were all successfully implemented.

Opportunities for Growth

The company was challenged in the fact they didn’t have a previous system in place. As they were implementing the system, they were also defining their entire HR structure within Operations Simultaneously, this company was also implementing an HRIS. This added to the complexity of integrating the two systems. The project was also challenging due to limited client resources and a time frame for project deliverables that continued to be shortened. There were many scope adjustments that impacted the overall timeline including branding, vendor configuration, and career site landing pages. Identifying the project scope is crucial to ensure a client is ready for implementation. Although this project came with some growth opportunities, the result was a success and the integrations were successfully completed. In the words of Robert F. Kennedy, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”