Client Results

Client Results

Multinational software company ready for the future

A multinational software company engages Talent Function to identify risk in the current state and build a compliant future state process.

Identifying the Challenge

In 2018, a US-based, multi-national software company providing open source solutions to the enterprise community identified the need for an outside firm to analyze and evaluate their current state processes to independently validate their level of compliance in their recruiting processes and practices. Additionally, they wanted to develop a stronger approach to their strategic sourcing processes and practices. As a leading software company, it was important for them to be at the forefront of the Talent Acquisition arena as well in order to bring top talent to their organization.

The Challenge Defined

To identify and face the challenges presented, Talent Function broke down their scope of work into two phases.

In the first phase, Talent Function lead a comprehensive, current state talent acquisition assessment with a critical focus on compliance through the applicant management delivery model, resource responsibilities, and technology systems being utilized in talent selection. To accomplish this, Talent Function interviewed over 40 subject matter experts and reviewed over 115 process and practice related documents that covered the software companies entire end-to-end recruiting process from sourcing through onboarding. Talent Function provided a deep-dive assessment of the overall process identifying risk areas and many strength areas to promote. The outcome delivered a summary to the compliance team for acceptance and continued process improvement options.

In the second phase, Talent Function facilitated a future state design workshop to assist the client in defining a compliant, empowered attraction recruiting model, elevating their strategic sourcing efforts for talent identification, relationship management and conversion to applicant. Talent Function utilized product experts in the field of talent attraction processes, best practices and technologies to provide a wide-angle approach to taking their attraction capabilities to the next level. The future state workshop was a combination of focused brainstorming around the future of sourcing and events at this software company. The team was presented with a broad range of content and opportunities that the company, as an organization, could leverage to create a new strategic sourcing model. The workshop activities allowed the team to think outside the box and sculpt a streamlined, empowered set of processes to support the new model.

Here’s to the Future

After conducting the current state talent acquisition assessment, Talent Function provided the client with a prioritized list of recommendations for change to improve recruiting delivery and performance with compliance and data regulatory risk mitigation. In addition, Talent Function provided an additional level of feedback around the software companies pre-employment questions utilizing the updated broadest regulations from the state of California as the baseline. This expert level focus ensured that the client was able to defend their pre-employment question list that sourcers and recruiters could refer to reinforce stronger compliance practices. Additional recommendations focused on minor edits and changes to continue compliant safe practices and processes in recruiting.

With the future state strategic sourcing design workshop complete, the final outputs of the content collected were fully mapped sourcing and event process flows with supporting details for the organization as a takeaway to restructure their strategic sourcing efforts that were completely customized for their short- and long-term attraction goals.

Empowered with strategic input and valuable recommendations, the client continues to enhance their Talent Acquisition process ensuring the attraction of top talent to their organization. A win-win situation for all as Talent Function’s Engagement Manager on this project, Sherri Coulter, stated “This project elevated the level of insight for the client to not only clearly understand current compliance regulations and mitigate them, but enable them with a compliance checklist for what to look for and how to better address compliance issues in the future. In addition it provided an in-depth understanding and new tools to support cutting-edge talent attraction models, increasing sourcing effectiveness and reach to find top talent in today’s shrinking market.”