Client Results

Client Results

Hospitality Management Company Welcomes New Talent Acquisition Processes

Hospitality and food service management company to standardize global talent acquisition processes.

Identifying the Need

A global leader in hospitality and food service management contacted Talent Function in 2018 to help lead them through a transformational initiative focused on enhancing and redefining their candidate recruitment process. As a powerhouse in the industry with more than 50,000 employees, the need for guidance and innovation around their talent acquisition and retention strategy was a high priority. More standardized processes and systems needed to be designed and implemented not only to survive, but to win the battle for the best and brightest by attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent.

Breaking It Down

Talent Function broke down their solution into three different phases. Phase 1 was a full review and analysis of their current state recruiting model, processes, and existing technologies. Talent Function facilitated and led discovery sessions with subject matter experts on their recruiting and technical support processes. The information gleaned from these sessions enabled us to understand and document their current state. We were then able to prioritize the challenges and objectives to address, and accurately align key areas for the future state design workshop. Talent Function found that their recruitment model was inconsistent across the organization and this was the immediate reason for action.

In Phase 2, Talent Function collaborated with their resources to conduct a full set of future state workshops that focused on defining an improved future recruiting model with greater efficiency, accountability, and an overall greater experience for the candidates and internal resources. During this phase, there was a deeper understanding of the desired and optimal future state process, resource commitments, and customer expectations. Upon completion of Phase 2, Talent Function was able to define a common core model for recruiting while also addressing the unique and specific needs for different business requirements. The finalized design served as a roadmap to drive alignment with their new vision.

Building It Up

In the third and final phase, Talent Function delivered recommendations for stronger technologies that would support a stronger future recruiting model. We presented detailed process flow diagrams, resource model roles and structure, and requirements documentation that would encapsulate the business decisions and activities necessary for the company’s redefined recruiting efforts. The inclusion of core client stakeholders throughout the project aided in the smooth hand-off of the realized future state to the client resources identified to drive the work forward.

This type of company with inherent complexities gave Talent Function the unique view of how an organization that supports different sub-industries can struggle with standardization. With so many competing needs and a lack of well-defined internal recruiting resources, structure was needed. Sherri Coulter, project manager and senior consultant, said it best “ organization with a top-down approach to drive the critical need for change, can impact and align very disparate internal resources to create a better future.”