Client Results

Client Results

Financial Management and IT Consulting Firm Breaks Through Noise to Elevate Candidate Experience

Financial management and IT consulting firm works with Talent Function to break through the noise of existing resources to attract top talent and elevate candidate experience.

Risk Assessment

A U.S. technology consulting company that has been the head of technology and strategy for more than ten decades sought a helping hand from Talent Function to break through their existing, isolated talent acquisition systems and processes. This consulting company has stimulated some of the world’s largest competition in data science and simultaneously enhanced machine intelligence. Globally, this company has been a huge support to their clients, some among the Fortune 500. Through different strategies such as consulting, analytics, and technology they have tackled and solved some of their clients’ most prominent challenges. Talent Function was honored to be asked to help them better understand how their current recruiting function was operating and to help identify gaps. Talent Function helped develop an innovative future state around their people, processes, and recruiting technologies. This would in turn help them to elevate their ability to attract top talent and improve their candidate experience for not only external candidates but their internal resources as well.

Running the Report 

To begin, Talent Function interviewed more than 25 cross-functional subject matter experts within the firm and reviewed more than 50 process and practice related documents that covered the company’s entire end-to-end recruiting practices from sourcing through onboarding. Additionally, the composition and activity were reviewed to determine if there was adequate coverage, what the recruiter to coordinator ratios were, and used this data to better assess all roles as well as areas of focus for each. The future state workshop focused on starting with a forward-looking perspective of running towards a brighter future rather than running away from a complex and disjointed current state.

Building the Framework

Teaming up with more than 30 cross-functional subjects matter experts for three days, Talent Function created a new vision for their future state of recruiting. The workshop was approached from a brainstorming, design, and blueprint perspective with a clean slate, requiring participants to throw anything and everything possible out for consideration, no matter how out of the box it sounded. Once complete, Talent Function took those ideas and created an initial design of a fresh process and constructed a streamlined sequence for all critical processes. The final step was to validate and finalize their vision to ensure everyone in the room had a clear understanding of what was created, and more importantly, why. This new finalized design would serve as the guiding roadmap to drive resource, process, and technology modifications to align with the new vision. The final phase of this project was focused on providing detailed recommendations to support the future state vision crafted by the extended team.

Areas recommended were summarized around consolidation of existing technologies. As there were duplicated systems and processes that were put into place by multiple lines of business, Talent Function was able to optimize existing processes and technologies. Finally, there was exploration of cutting-edge technologies to handle the more administrative, transactional tasks. This allowed for Talent Acquisition resources to be able to focus on the most valuable work of building relationships and attracting the best and brightest people to the company itself.

A New Digital Signature 

Empowered with strategic input and valuable recommendations, the client began to enhance their Talent Acquisition process ensuring the attraction of top talent to their organization. A win-win situation for all, and as Talent Function’s Engagement Manager on this project, Sherri Coulter, stated: “Learning how to break down the silos between talent acquisition resources and their hiring partner organizations (i.e. HR, HRIT, Compliance, Immigration, Security, etc.) was paramount to the success of this and future projects of similar scope.”