Client Results

Client Results

Entertainment Software Company Plows New Talent Acquisition Trails

A premier developer and publisher of entertainment software looking to align with a progressive Talent Management strategy faced the challenge of an outdated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that no longer effectively supported its Talent Acquisition processes. To remedy this, the company selected Jobvite for lead management, recruitment marketing, applicant tracking and new hire onboarding.

Recognizing the magnitude of the project and a lack of available resources with the know-how needed to implement the new platform, the company sought the specialized talent consultants from Talent Function.

Mapping and Navigating the Future State

As a first step, the company worked with Talent Function to define its future state through a two-day, on-site process design workshop. In collaboration with Jobvite, Talent Function advised the company in configuring Jobvite CRM, ATS and Onboarding modules to complement its future talent acquisition landscape. This included providing overall project management as well as system design, configuration and integrations testing for the Jobvite modules plus change management, communications, training launch and post launch support.

Once underway, Talent Function delivered detailed project plans, allocated resources, completed tasks and assigned and managed action items. The consultants also collaborated with recruiting subject matter experts and Jobvite Implementation resources to ensure that the new modules aligned with the defined future state.

Talent Function worked alongside the company to design the requisition template, revise universal job descriptions, offer forms and letter templates, as well as the new hire onboarding platform to support multiple global workflows and languages including 50 unique documents. Additionally, Talent Function prepared the test plan, facilitated all User Acceptance Testing (UAT) activities, directed the integration with Oracle HRFusion HRIS and conferred with the company’s team on the data migration planning and execution.

Working together, the company and Talent Function created change management and subsequent communication plans, covering stakeholder and risk assessment and ultimately enabling a successful launch. Once this plan was in place, Talent Function produced custom training materials for recruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders, co-facilitated training delivery and directed both the implementation launch and post go-live plans.

Through thought leadership, management oversight and daily hands-on support throughout design, development, integration and testing, Talent Function championed the company’s move to a brand new Talent Acquisition process and technology solution.

Becoming a virtual extension of the company’s team, Talent Function worked diligently to ensure the company’s success, often acting as a liaison to communicate with various stakeholders including leadership throughout the entire project. As a result of Talent Function’s involvement and dedication, the company is better positioned than ever before with a completely reinvented, fully functioning and global Talent Acquisition process supported by the implementation of the right technology solutions.