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Why I Love Fall Conference Season

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2013. As I muse over the months passed, I’d be remiss to overlook October: always a busy one in the HR world. Here are a few highlights from the most engaging, […]

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Why Do We Recruiters Do It?

As chairman of Talent Board, the organization that facilitates the Candidate Experience Awards each year, I am lucky to have the tools and resources to monitor the program’s success. One of the benefits of my role is the opportunity to review the comments […]

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Job Applicants Are Wary Of Firms’ Resume Sorting Software

Excerpt from article… Elaine Orler, a talent acquisition consultant in San Diego, says candidate management software can be really helpful for big companies that can afford it. Several years into the economic recovery, unemployment is still high, and job openings […]

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Facilitating the Evolution of Corporate Staffing