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Why Do We Recruiters Do It?

As chairman of Talent Board, the organization that facilitates the Candidate Experience Awards each year, I am lucky to have the tools and resources to monitor the program’s success. One of the benefits of my role is the opportunity to review the comments provided by the candidates who responded to company requests to complete their surveys on their candidate experience. Recently I encountered a comment that provided a deep-rooted reminder of exactly why a few of us set out in 2011 to establish the awards in the first place. It is summarized in one candidate’s willingness to provide additional feedback after the candidate completed the survey:

“Give people a chance with getting jobs. I have talked to so many people that say it is impossible to get a job today because of the way it is being done. I have been unemployed over three years with the exception of a temporary job here and there. I have two college degrees and it is impossible to get a job nowadays. I always tell people that I wish these recruiters or hiring managers would lose their job and see how long it takes them to get back to work. This new recruitment process is ridiculous, and nothing like it was years ago when you completed an application at the company and possibly had an interview that same day. Something needs to be done about the hiring process now, and I would suggest going back to the way it was before. That way we could get thousands of people back to work.”

This comment is a jagged pill for me in so many ways… […]

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