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Webinars, Events and Workshops… oh my


This week I had the honor and privilege of delivering a webinar for SHRM focusing on how to ‘recruit like the big guys’ for small to mid-size companies. You’re welcome to download the presentation here, or if you are a SHRM member, register and listen to the audio recording anytime. With over 600 attendees on the webinar, the majority of the audience questions focused on three main topics:

  1. Leveraging social media in recruiting to improve the sourcing and identification of critical talent
  2. Alignment of recruiting efforts to optimize who is doing which aspects of the recruiting work
  3. Identification of technology to help solve the problem and enable the process.

As a promise to the audience, I offered I would publish a list of the vendors that I knew offered free to low -cost talent acquisition/recruiting technology solutions. Below is the fulfillment of my promise, and I hope that if you know of any additional vendors that should be shared, that you will comment to the blog post and we will add them.

Reminder: To those that attended the session I only ask that you remember the primary point of the webinar as you consider these and other vendors in the market. The focus that ‘you reap what you sow’. Unless you have taken the steps to really define your recruiting goals, aligned them with your business goals and defined a process and system requirements that are measurable and sustainable, free or not – you still risk not achieving your goal with technology. Also as you consider different solutions be sure to factor in the total cost of ownership to configure, manage and maintain the solution within your organization. In some cases that effort might create a greater costing model then focusing on a vendor that provides all of those services as part of their solution model.

Vendor Website Starting Costs
SmartRecruiters (Mr. Ted)
ERC DataPlus
Newton Software

Disclaimer: This list is based on Talent Function Group research and should not be considered exhaustive or all inclusive. Transparency: At TFG we choose to implement SmartRecruiters offered by Mr Ted and have been impressed with the capabilities they have delivered over the year.


Next week is a big week for us in events. Mark will be facilitating a working dinner session on Recruiting Technology at the Thought Leadership Institute Sourcing Summit in Atlantic City, NJ. The session will include some visioning exercises around how enablement should be delivered in recruiting products of the future. I will be attending the Kenexa Analyst Briefing to hear firsthand about their success in business growth, technology capabilities and meet some of the new leadership team.  They are a solution provider that continues to add value to the recruiting function.  On the heels of these two events, Mark and I will be attending SHRM in San Diego. We hope to see many of you there, and if you don’t have plans Monday night, consider joining us at the Padre’s game for our Talent Function sponsored networking event.


I’m thrilled at the response and interest we are getting for our first recruiting focused coaching and leadership workshop, on July 13, 2010.

Mark McMillan and Carol Mahoney (former VP of Talent for Yahoo!) have designed an amazing agenda and content focused around enabling the recruiting team leaders and managers to be strong client relationship managers. The workshop will be very active and I know with Mark and Carol collaborating on it, it will be a huge success.