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Turning Recruiting Process Pain Points into Opportunities: Step 3

Mapping the Path from Current State to Standardization

Adoption is key to change management in any scenario. Eager to realize the benefits of optimizing and upgrading talent acquisition technology and practices, employers often miss important steps that can put them on the right path to organization-wide support. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your company’s current technologies and processes, and worked with your teams and the experts to determine the right destination, you’ll need to sell your overhauled future state process to everyone that will be affected to ensure buy-in and success.

compassRegular and clear communication with those who will be affected by the change is critical. Highlight former pain points and key objectives, and explain how the update in process or technology will eliminate those pain points. The challenges, objectives and benefits can even be represented visually; depending on your company’s propensity for change, the diagram you create might be covered in direct examples of challenges that will no longer be an issue for employees and candidates. It is often easier to encourage the evolution when those affected can see, side-by-side, the advantages they’ll experience when undertaking an often disruptive process of change. Communicate the expectations and benefits clearly and gather feedback regularly. This will help everyone feel invested in the success of new talent acquisition strategies, and to help meet the company’s business objectives.

Over the years, implementing this exercise with many clients, I’ve found it to be the most rewarding aspect of HR technology and process consulting. It’s often difficult to see how to change when you’re so close to it. It’s not uncommon for a company to consider implementing a completely new talent acquisition solution in hopes that it will cure their deep rooted issues, rather than assessing their current system and how they can evolve as an organization to solve these problems. As a consultant, the ability to look at a company’s end-to-end recruiting process and technology with a fresh set of eyes can be invaluable. It’s easier to drive change when the outcome of that change takes something that is negative and transforms it into a positive. The ability to do this within the technology on which you’ve already devoted a great deal of time and expense is icing on the cake.

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