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The Secret Ingredient for Sourcing and Recruiting

What would it be like as a recruiter or sourcer to capture key data from potential candidates from anywhere on the web with the touch of a button? Today, potential candidates are more accessible than ever, leaving extensive online footprints of their skills, interests and backgrounds. We can see them sharing their thoughts on blogs, posting on Twitter, participating in message boards or discussions, joining talent communities or posting their resumes online. You want to capture their data and save it for a rainy day, but doing that can often be a manual, frustrating experience.

I have recently found an app that has changed my life. I see a profile online, copy the link, launch this app on my phone, iPad or computer, and – voila! – I’ve pulled every important piece of data from the site into a database that’s easy to categorize, search and execute on. Unfortunately, this app isn’t for cataloging top talent. It’s for recipes. And since cooking is my favorite pastime, it has revolutionized how I interact with my culinary hobby. Can you imagine an app that would do the same for sourcing?

The app is called Paprika Recipe Manager ( They lured me in on the app store with these two simple sentences:

  • Using Paprika’s built-in browser, you can save recipes from anywhere on the web
  • Our free cloud sync service allows you to seamlessly sync your data across all of your devices

I’ve been trying for years to figure out how to save, categorize and easily access recipes I find online. It’s been an exercise in futility. I never found a way to easily capture what I needed, and have it searchable when I need it from any device when I started meal planning. It was scattered in saved bookmarks, a failed OneNote notebook that looked horrible and never synced to my devices, and finally the old school (and quite embarrassing) method of collecting printed recipes in a binder. None of this was complete, convenient or mobile in the way I wanted it to be. Enter Paprika.

Here’s how it works.

From my phone, I happen across a recipe that I want to capture. I copy the URL and launch Paprika. Paprika checks for URLs that have been saved to the clipboard, and gives you the option to load it into its browser. The app downloads (parses) the recipe, and allows me to view it in the Paprika recipe format. I can categorize it for easy searching later in a file structure I defined to meet my needs, review ingredients and directions, and save the resume to my Paprika database. The entire process to download, categorize and save this recipe takes less than 15 seconds.


I can now view this recipe either by searching for it by name or filtering it based on the Dessert category I created. Editing, adding notes, marking it as a favorite and ranking recipes is simple.


Paprika’s functionality to download the recipe works on the majority of the sites I visit, making it effortless to save the recipe, but occasionally there are sites for which the download function errors. In these cases, they offer you a very simple “highlight/touch” option to build the recipe. The recipe creation window is expandable at the bottom of the page when in the browser. If the recipe errors when trying to save it, you simply highlight each area of the recipe (name, ingredients, directions, etc.) and touch the field the highlighted text should occupy. When you’re done, click arrow up to view the recipe in total, and click “Create Recipe” button to save it to the database.

Sharing recipes with friends is uncomplicated as well. They can be forwarded via email. If the friend does not have Paprika, it is formatted within the email to use. At the bottom of the email, there is an attachment that is easily imports the recipe to another users Paprika database.


Lastly, multiple users can access the same Paprika database as long as they purchase the app. The full database is synced between each users phone, iPad and computer as well as being exportable in both HTML and Paprika Recipe format.

In recruiting, as we go about our jobs, we find talent everywhere. When we read articles, see blog comments, search industry specific sites, etc., we find leads. It makes sense that talent experts would like to capture what they can on a lead just like a home cook wants to save a recipe that looks like something they would want to make in the future. Just think how easy recruiting would be if there was an app like this for sourcing that made capturing profiles of potential candidates as simple as Paprika is for recipes:

  • Parse key contact and background info with the click of a button, and include a link to the original source on the profile for relevancy
  • Provide an easy way to copy/paste the info you want on a candidate if the parser tool doesn’t work on a specific site
  • Allow the user to determine the folder structure, categorization and rank to customize the database in a way
  • Sync the database between all devices and users of the account
  • Export/import features that allow the contact information to be quickly uploaded to a Talent Acquisition system to begin pipelining leads

After seeing the correlation between Paprika and thinking of how its features translate so well to sourcing, I felt there surely there must be something on the market that does this. We’ve been looking for good sourcing apps since at least 2011, based on this article. It turns out, there are apps that allow you to search for specific talent across social media and other sites, and capture some of that information on candidate, but nothing along the lines of what Paprika provides as a recipe database. I’m not claiming it doesn’t exist, considering how many apps are available; it’s just not easy to find if it does exist. If you know of an app that does this, please share by adding a comment because I would love to test drive it.