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Talent Acquisition Full Life Cycle Technology Options

From Branding to Onboarding, Is It Possible to Implement Only One Solution?

As the true definition of talent acquisition technology has emerged, it is no longer confined to “ATS.” What we now understand is that talent acquisition extends to include branding and marketing, sourcing, networking, and assessments, just to name a few. In order to effectively engage top talent prior to starting the traditional recruiting process via an ATS, employers must have the right solutions in place. And with more organizations focused on implementing solutions to support these critical areas of the talent acquisition process, there is a new challenge facing the marketplace. Many are struggling with how to manage multiple vendors and technology solutions through various integrations, created in response to market trends including employment branding and leveraging CRM technology to manage sourcing and networking.

The question is what happens after you have implemented several different solutions to support these various functions and have integrated them with one another. Some would say that you have a robust solution in place to attract talent, network with passive candidates, manage active candidates, and select and hire top talent. While this may be true in the short term, will this be efficient in the long run? Or have you created “Frankenstein?”

Your talent acquisition, HR and IT teams are now responsible for maintaining several solutions at once, and as new releases are required, these teams will have to accommodate the updates into their routine and respond to each vendor. Depending on the size of the organization, you might need to create a separate team just to manage the changes of 5-6 different technology solutions. Another option is to ignore the new releases, and in less than a year, have systems that no longer communicate or meet the needs of the organization. A third option, switching from one solution to another, also poses a significant risk, not to mention the effort involved in dismantling the various solutions in order to implement a new one.

The good news is that there are talent acquisition solutions on the rise that specifically respond to this problematic long term issue. These particular vendors are cutting edge and have identified the need for organizations to have that “one stop shop” for all things talent acquisition. Such solutions already include features for branding, marketing, talent communities, CRM, ATS and onboarding, offering an easier implementation, post launch support and improved efficiencies for upgrading to new versions. While this option is available now, look to 2015 and 2016 for more technology partners in this arena. As you assess your organization’s current technology landscape, keep this trend in mind to ensure all talent acquisition operations are set up for lasting success.