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Reflections on Global Talent Acquisition Day

by Frank Wittenauer

According to Global TA Day celebrates all those who aid in bringing talent to their organizations. This includes recruiters to employer brand managers and all those in between. Talent Acquisition has touched everyone in their lives at some point in helping that dream job become a reality. This year we celebrated the second observance of Global TA Day. I was thrilled to see this catch on and not just be a one-time event (as this began last September in 2018). This gave me the opportunity to reflect, for a moment, on the last 25 years in this industry.

High level challenges of the PAST:

  1. Lack of volume of prospects
  2. Few sources to utilize
  3. Limited available technology

High level challenges of TODAY:

  1. Drinking from a fire-hose volume of prospects
  2. Many industry or country specific sources
  3. New vendors each month with a solution to solve all recruitment challenges

One of the standout items that has consistently stuck with me, even from the old Resumix days, is the challenge of change. Many of us: Recruiters, Sourcers, Recruitment Leaders, and Hiring Managers, want the fastest tools, highest quality, and the lowest cost per hire. The challenging part is the follow-on statement “without changing the way I (we) recruit today”. This impacts projects before they even start and frequently after they go live. The processes and tools must change if we are to evolve the industry and that includes our own willingness to change.

Some aspects of recruiting have not changed much over the past two decades. One of these aspects being the good ol’ resume; even though most systems create a profile. It is common to want to jump to that resume attachment. Just like in the old days of wanting the resume to come out of the fax machine (what’s a fax machine, ha!). Another aspect of recruiting that has not given way too much change has been Networking and Employee Referrals. These are still the number one source of hires for experienced hiring at most organizations, even though there are hundreds of vendors that can say they can find the perfect candidate better, faster, and less expensive than those sources.

An area of increasing complexity is keeping up with all the rules and regulations, as well as the changes that go along with them. It is more than just the governmental/compliance rules, the corporate/business rules of engagement, or other processes can be just as challenging to keep up with. Some organizations can have rules of engagement that are dozens of pages long, which makes it very challenging for the Recruiter or Sourcer in the trenches trying to find candidates, reactivate previous candidates, and move them forward while being in complete compliance with the business rules.

As can be seen through all this thought is that this industry is not for the weak. Change is inevitable and keeping up with all the rules and regulations is an ongoing struggle for those in the industry. To have a day where we can reflect on the hardworking members of this profession and all that is brought to their professions, but even more their communities, is refreshing. Talent Acquisition is constantly evolving, and moving at a lightening quick pace, and only those able to keep up truly get the benefit of soaking in all that it has to offer; the impact on the people, businesses, and most importantly our stamp on bettering our world with the jobs provided.

Let us commit to having an open mind for the future, focusing less on how we operate today or in the past. This is an exciting time to be in this space and it takes all you have got. Gratitude is what I look back and am filled with. Gratitude for my space in this role, gratitude for the evolution of technology which has helped make things easier and run smoother, and gratitude for my fellow talent acquisition members; as each recruiting process starts and ends with a tribe.

Happy Hunting!