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Recruiting Data from Art to Science!

By Brooke Glennon

Almost every recruiter I’ve ever met would categorize themselves a “people-person”. They are some of the most talented people I know at making you feel comfortable, asking intuitive questions and assessing nonverbal cues. However, even the very best recruiters aren’t batting 1000. Why? Is it because recruiting isn’t an ART…it’s a science?

I loved this article by ERE: Recruiting Is a Science Not an Art – How Intuition Hurts Recruiting Results. “The future of recruiting is scientific, data-driven, and businesslike…a scientific approach can improve recruiting results by up to 50 percent” If this is true, it seems like every TA leader should be making significant changes to their strategy immediately, especially if they are in industries that are facing significant talent storages. 

I think that there are some recruiters that believe using data to drive your recruiting decisions may seem too systematic and cold; however, most of the recruiters I know, would very willingly embrace a more systematic and data-driven approach. However, their challenge is they don’t have the data to support their decisions. There are very few organizations that are measuring their “quality of hire” today and I totally understand why. It’s hard! Your hiring data is in the ATS, your employee data in the HCM and the employees’ performance ratings are in the Performance Management system. And to further complicate the matter, most employees do not receive a performance rating score until they have reached their 1st anniversary. Who has the time and resources to pull all of these data, marry it together, analyze it on a regular basis and provide their recruiters with actionable information to make better hiring decisions. It’s daunting! 

If TA teams are going to continue to provide value to the organizations that they serve, they are going to have to figure out how to get the data they need. As a TA leader, one of the first steps you can take to start this journey is to evaluate your talent management suite with a partner that can help you make sense of all your data. Talent Function is a leading Talent Acquisition Consulting Firm with years of experience converting reactive, intuition-led teams into proactive, data-led teams. Take advantage of our intellectual generosity program and schedule a FREE 1-hour consultation with one of our Senior Partners to make the leap from art to science.

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