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No Tech Left Behind, Part 2: Streamlining Email

Where we last left off, I was espousing the benefits of taking time to review and implement technology updates to improve business operations. Continuing to reflect, I realized that the root of the problem stemmed from the habit I adopted when I implemented some of my business solutions almost four years ago. Those habits stood in the way of leveraging my tech investments.

Old habits die hard, and sometimes you have to turn the whole thing sideways to gain a fresh perspective. Recognizing dependencies on certain solutions, including my emailing technology, I took on the challenge of trying to migrate technologies. With six different email accounts, sometimes emails were delayed, calendars didn’t sync or contacts were deleted, not to mention the amount of time I spent checking both the Web and email clients. So in July I embarked on an experiment to cut myself off from Outlook for a few weeks and only use the tools Google provided.

The first few days I adapted to the new solutions, they worked as intended and the time I spent going back and forth was eliminated, but the change curve […]

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