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How to Win Candidates & Influence Decisions

We’ve all seen the reports and data: though unemployment is high, it’s now more challenging than ever for recruiters to find qualified talent. As competition for top talent grows fiercer, recruiters invest more and more time reviewing, screening and interviewing to identify those individuals with the right mix of qualifications, soft skills and cultural fit to fill open requisitions. The process is time-consuming, and at times yields insufficient results. And so, interview management (covered recently in Recruiting Trends by yours truly) and candidate relationship management are born.

Taking a sales-based approach to recruiting, companies can standardize and stand out during the interview process – from the first point of contact, to extending a job offer – to identify the right candidates and deliver an experience that better resonates with those individuals. Employers have the opportunity to take interview strategy beyond describing the position for more targeted employment branding and candidate attention. Filling in gaps in hiring managers’ interviewing and selling skills, businesses that take advantage of a strategic approach can provide a competitive edge and an experience that will make the right candidate want the job.

Consider physical elements. What would a candidate encounter that might make them drop out or decline an offer? From providing stellar travel accommodations to making sure directions are clear, carefully consider all the details and design the experience that best meets a candidate’s expectations.

Provide detailed and personalized information. Ask questions that demonstrate your company cares about the candidate’s priorities and path. Help your brand to stand out from competitors’ by personalizing content about your company and selling candidates on how the job and organization meet their unique needs.

Implement technologies that enhance communication and add convenience. From iPad applications that deliver customized company, culture, job and role information to digital interviews, and mobile solutions that help communicate information and collect feedback from candidates, technology is available to help streamline the process and nurture qualified talent.

There are also many solutions on the market that aid businesses in interview process management. Look for those that support recruiters and hiring managers in collecting information, but more importantly, provide the tools for collaboration and informed decision-making.

Recruiting has evolved: understand what qualified candidates seek and sell them on the experience and career opportunities your organization has to offer. You can hear from those companies who do it best during The Talent Board’s First Candidate Experience (C&E) Awards, which recognize organizations that deliver outstanding candidate experiences. Winners will be honored on Tuesday, Oct. 4 during an awards ceremony at 11:00 a.m. PT, and a special reception at 5:30 p.m. PT in during the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.