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Digital Interviewing: The Voice of the Candidate

HireVue recently joined forces with The Talent Board and Talent Function to share their research on how digital interviewing influences the candidate experience.


HireVue improves the recruiting process by promoting meaningful human interaction through its Talent Interaction Platform™, a web-based software solution that creates a digitally enhanced, connected experience for recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers. The Talent Board is a non-profit research organization dedicated to improving the candidate experience; it produces the CandE Awards, which recognize organizations that create exceptional candidate experiences. Talent Function focuses their efforts on reinventing talent acquisition for leading organizations.

The research in this report is based on the results of 64,675 HireVue candidate surveys and 46,806 Talent Board CandE Awards surveys completed in 2013.

Janine Woodworth Co-author, Talent Function

Jake Bauer Co-author, HireVue

Denni Oravec Content Provider, The Talent Board