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Behind the Screens: Understanding the Business Case for Mobile

Talent Acquisition technology continues to undergo the same “mobile transformation” as the rest of the Internet. Today’s candidates not only search for jobs using mobile devices, they also look to apply for openings quickly and easily via mobile. In fact, there are more global candidates using hand-held devices than desktop computers (6.8 billion mobile users versus 2.5 billion desktop users), a number that is expected to increase in the near future.
With more and more candidates using mobile devices for everything – including reviewing career sites, searching for jobs, and applying to job postings – there is an obvious disconnect between candidates and potential employers. Talent Acquisition … we have a problem! While candidates fully expect the ability to apply online via mobile, a multitude of well-established companies still haven’t implemented mobile-enabled career sites.
Important facts to consider:
• In 2014, 50 percent of job applicants used their mobile phones to search and apply for jobs.
• 40 percent of mobile candidates abandon an application once they determine it is not mobile optimized.
• Applicant rates drop by a staggering 365 percent if an online application takes more than 15 minutes to complete.
The business case for improving the mobile candidate experience is compelling. The qualified candidate pool is at-risk of shrinking when not mobile-enabled due to increased applicant drop off rates and the cost-per-applicant rises for each additional minute the online application takes to complete.
As noted above, candidates expect mobile apply functionality to be fast, simple and easy to complete. When developing a mobile career site, companies should evaluate which details are truly critical for an applicant to complete on the first pass, versus the “nice to have” information. Mobile career sites should be simplified and convenient with clean layouts, single-column field displays, prominently displayed job search functionality and seamless navigation.
Implementing a mobile career site truly enhances the candidate experience, and thereby improves the candidates’ impression of the organizations to which they are applying. Mobile technology connects candidates to employers from anywhere and at any time. Now is the time for all companies to embrace this direction, and forge ahead by implementing mobile apply strategies and technologies.

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