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A Game Changer with WebClipDrop

By Janine Woodworth

 As a Recruiting Technology Consultant, I frequently have the opportunity to review new recruiting products. Recently, I was introduced to one such product – a complex, yet simple plug-in that solves for one of the bigger headaches in sourcing – WebClipDrop. Seeking to bridge a gaping hole that recruiting teams have been facing for years, the team behind WebClipDrop has built a way to capture web data and drop it into an existing system, while also creating a quick way to repeat content placement into online communications.

Available as a Google Chrome plug-in, WebClipDrop is an intelligent clipboard – kind of like SnagIt for data. What I found most valuable was the time saved not having to copy and paste one field of information at a time. The product’s initial smart data fields were designed to auto-parse candidate information into traditional recruiting applications. As a user, you have the flexibility to clip information from just about any site, and build your own insert mapping, or request to have them build it for you. The product maps data fields from most major sites used in recruiting. They are also planning for users to quickly map any of their sites in learning mode so that even the most customized web forms can be used. Recruiters can seamlessly click and drop new recruiting contacts in seconds (in bulk or one at a time).

One site that already mapped is LinkedIn. Recruiters can view potential leads in LinkedIn and then utilize the plug-in within Chrome to quickly capture and place contact information into a CRM or ATS. Here’s how that works:

Step 1: Go to web page where content resides; click on WebClipDrop iconScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.05.01 PM


Step 2: Select the requested content to be clipped (Record From Page, Custom Clip, Droplet From Selection (text or html)

webclip_step4Step 3: The number of selected Clips and Droplets will be viewable (you can move any you don’t want to the trash)

Step 4: Clip to any web form

Historically, other products were difficult to integrate with LinkedIn, but in this case, the WebClipDrop plug-in acts much like a human, only faster, thereby saving recruiter time without complex data integrations.

In addition to the LinkedIn example, the product can be used for copying and pasting job descriptions into online posting sites. Recruiters can re-use the data on their clipboard over and over again making it easy to post job descriptions to multiple sites. Recruiters also have the ability to compose and send fully branded marketing message templates for their frequent communication needs. The library of “droplets” will add value to those Recruiters who spend much of their time writing highly repeatable text communications to candidates.

Candidates can also benefit. With the Chrome browser plug-in installed, candidates can easily clip and drop their CV/resume into company career websites and job boards. The candidate’s content parses into the correct career apply fields making the apply process fast and easy.

And while recruiters rarely want to add yet another tool to the gamut of technologies they’re using, I suspect this is one they will hold on to. The beta version is currently available, I encourage you to check it out here: